lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010

Week 3!

hola!! guys i wish i could come up with creative blog titles, but i think my creativity is slowly dwindling haha, so thanks for sticking with me anyways! plus there are just so many different things to tell you about i can't come up with just one thing to title it as!
alright so last time i wrote i remember that i was feeling kinda discouraged and overwhelmed. would you believe that Jesus answered that prayer literally the next morning after i blogged?? of course, he always does. I went on a walk to a "lake" near where i live and sat for awhile on a bench with all the geese swimming by reading Isaiah 51 and it was awesome. This was the encouragement i was offered.
"For I am the Lord your God who churns up the sea so that its waves roar-the Lord Almighty is his name. I have put words in your mouth and covered you with the shadow of my hand- I who set the heavens in place who laid the foundation of the earth and who say to Zion "You are my people"' v.15-16
It was just one of those moments where i was reminded that i am in the hand of the Lord, that he is in control and he is why i am here, and he is why i am alive. -Some how that just sets all fear, all worries, all anxiety at ease in a supernatural way. I am also reminded that while I am here, and in life in general, there are times that are hard, where we feel afraid but the Lord is good and he is working in us all the while that we struggle.
And its been such a blessing that the past week has been awesome. God has given me a heart that is excited for what the next days hold. And the past few days have held alot of exciting things! Hmm let me think, ok did some dancing, spent a rainy day at El Ateneo which is an opera house turned into a libreria (bookstore). The best place to spend any rainy day. On Saturday i went to go visit my friend Mette- the injured one, at her homestay which is a 20 minute bus ride to a more residential neighborhood, which i love because it feels more like real like haha i mean i guess city life is real life for some people jsut not for me. And her host mom is so precious, she is an english teacher- perfect for an international student learning english right? Since mette was homebound because of her soccer injury we watched Mama Mia--who doesn't love singing along to Abba yeah?- and that jsut began this day filled with music!! Gosh i am starting to realize how much i miss music! Adjusting to living in a new place i haven't been listening to it that music or having a chance to play at all.
But Mette's fam has a piano and so i was playing it and then her families brother, Fran (probably in his late 20s, i think he's an actor ) came in and busted out his guitar and started singing folk songs in spanish! Then the mom grabs her guitar and joins in! There is nothing i love more than a good zamba. Seriously i am loving the Argentine folk music. He'd play a song on guitar then i'd play one of the piano. Then he was filling us in on the different Argentine folk music. Mette and i spent the rest of the day looking up stuff on youtube and listening to music!! A little Andrea Bochelli, a little James Morrison, whatever -Marielle if you ever read this i have to confess i showed her a vid of you singing--you are one of my favorite artists, and Mette is an appreciator of good music :) But it was just one of those really good days and Mette is one of those people where whatever we do its a blast, and we always end up experiencing random Argentine moments together. -Fran invited us to come to his house next Saturday and see some bands play- uh yeah thats only what ive been waiting for! Music! Sad that the day ended by me being really allergic to their cat and sneezing all the way to the bus stop, but no importa it was a great day.
The next day we got to play tourist and saw the Argentina i have been waiting for. All the kids in my program, along with one of our directors Lucila took a trip to the antique fair in San Telmo. Ok so let me paint you a picture. First of all San Telmo is one of the older neighborhoods, strongly Italian where the tango originated. Cobble stone streets, people performing tango, little old Argentine men serranading with their guitars, and...a giant antique fair!! Which is like a flee market but everything is authentic and is from Argentina which just makes it so much cooler. Ah. I couldve sat at cafe soaking it in forever. Then we made our way to Recoleta to another feria. Recoleta is another neighborhood and its where many of the aristocratic families lived back in the day and still do i guess. One of the gems of the neighborhood is the cemetary. I don't knwo how to do it justice but it is like a little town of moseleums and tombs that adorned with statues and rotundas. Its like all the cool buildings of europe put right next to each other- except they are where these rich families are buried. its wild. Evita Peron is buried there too so we visited her tomb. Its one of those things that blows your mind that so much money and work was put in to house dead bodies. But at the same time it is really incredible.
Sunday morning--highilght, Silvia and I went to breakfast together! It was great i hope we get to do it every week. I definitely feel like i am understanding her better and what she expects and wants from me and it was fun to get to do something like that with her. I ve just been asking the lord to show me ways to love her, so that was great.
Ive been getting more and more excited to continuing exploring this place. And the past couple days God has been putting a joy in my heart to seek him out everyday. A handful of the people in my program i have been getting closer to and its been awesome. I want Jesus to use me to speak his truth to them, but i'm also learning--love the Lord, and love them, and He's going to provide those opportunites. I'm still reading through Jeremiah and i'm telling you if you haven't read it, or haven't read it in a while--read it, it is awesome. --The Lord is allowing Israel to be overtaken by a pagan nation-Babylon and hes telling them even though they are being taken over they will not be destroyed. he says
"Then this city will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on the earth and hear of all the good things i can do for it. And they will be in awe and tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace i will provide it" Jer. 33:9

Well thats the update!--ps tonite i went to the volleyball practice for the university's club team--and i rekindled my love for volleyball. --felt so great. and i think that BTE should start brushing up in the fall because i think its time for us to make a come back :)

Usually, i am not that good at responding to emails and fb messages, but you guys, since i've been here, i live for hearing from you all. i look forward to my nightly routine of reading a little, writing a little blog sometimes, and responding to messages. and i love writing letters. so if you want to have a pen pal i'll be one!!
In that case here's mine, (Silvias) address.
1730 La Pampa Floor 6 Apt. C
(1428) Belgrano, Buenos Aires Argentina

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  1. Jackie,
    Following your blog at the suggestion of your mom. I know your mom through a Bible study group. Love reading your thoughts! Thanks for sharing them.