martes, 20 de julio de 2010

Dia de los Amigos

hola mis amigos! seeing as its Dia de los Amigos here i want to you a happy friend day and let you know how much i wish you could all be here to celebrate with me!! i like that- a holiday to celebrate friends, which here basically means people go to lunch dinner, and out to dance haha just hanging with their friends!
it just never ceases to amaze how each day this city gets more and more familiar- learning the streets taking taxis (big accomplishment) today i even went running! there's a "lake" near by called lake Palermo- its cute, paddle boats, people feeding swans and my favorite are the campos del futbol! lots of people playing pick-up games of futbol. Running in the city makes me feel like a local and makes me feel at home at the same time.
The past couple days we have had a lot of orientation at the University. We've been learning what classes we can take, meeting all the other international students etc. Yesterday we took a bus tour of the city-unfortunately it was raining, so it was like a tease beacuase this city is absolutely beautiful. It has so much european architecture but latin american flair. I'm telling you i don't know if everybody knows abotu this city but i think everyone should take a trip to visit it! We saw the neighborhood caleld La Boca which is where the tango was born and has a huge Italian population. It has the classic building that are painted all different colors and when its sunny they say there are tango dancing expositions all up and down the streets!
Even walking through this city is beautiful, cobble stone streets, gorgeous buildings and today was sunny so that was jsut the icing on the cake. Today one of the CEA ladies that is kind of liek our mom- filling us in on the city took us on a little walking tour Belgrano, which is the neighborhood where i live. She was explaining to us about the history, about Peron a famous former president and the economic crash in the 90's and just about Argentine people in general. It is evident that she loves her people. And you know how passionate people can convince we of anything. There is just such a depth to this culture it is so fascinating. It makes me want to experience every part of it and i can't wait to make some Argentine friends!
Its cool- by day four the 14 kids in our program and just becoming insta-friends. Kinda like wow week haha. And its seriously such a blessing. Another huge blessing is living with Silvia. 1) She is wonderful and makes me eat gelatto every night after dinner. 2) Since she goes to bed early and not everyone has cell-phones yet, i have had so much time to sit with the Lord at the beginning and the end of my day and that is what makes me rested for the next day. He has literally held my hand up until this point and now i even find myself starting to feel comfortable- not nervous. At the same time- i want to depend on him because i know i can't make it here on my own-especially when i start to miss my friends at home and realize i'm going to be here for ahile it isn't just a vacation. But still i am exploring more and more here and learning that the more i explore the more i have no idea abotu this place or the experiences that are to come. ok that's all love you all and i'm praying for you every time i think of any of you!!

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  1. and pictures will be coming as soon as i figure out how to put them up, because you know i have taken a bunch!